Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daddy's boots

This picture was taken about a year ago and it still makes me smile.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My weekend in a flash

Let me first start by saying that I had a great weekend. It was great, but busy, very, very busy.  I don't know why, but for some reason the whole month of February has been  busy.  Does that ever happen to you? You  go weeks and weeks with nothing going on and then all of  sudden  everyone is having a baby shower or  a birthday party or something.  Lets not confuse this with complaining. I love to be  busy, all the time. So even though I might sound like I'm complaining because I'm tired, the reality is that I love it!

So, this weekend we had yet another birthday party to take Ralphy to. I don't know about you guys, but I've noticed that ever since we became parents, we have a birthday party at least  once a month , we had 2 this month and that's not including Ralphy's birthday at the end of the month. I also have a baby shower coming up. You might be thinking, why don't you just say no and I do  say no, sometimes I swear I do.

I love to be  busy and I'm okay with that. The last couple of days, for example, I have been busy planning my little man's birthday. He is going to have a little party at school  and then a party at the park with his family and  friends.  He is very excited about it and to be honest with you, I'm pretty excited myself. I'm having fun putting all the details together and just imagining his little face when he sees it all makes me smile.

In between all of this birthday planning, we  also went to the park, had a BBQ and  the  hubby and I even got a chance to go on a double date and had a great time.  I think that its important to have some alone time once in awhile or at  least have some adult conversation with out Sprout or the Disney channel in the background.

Enough about me, how was your  weekend? what did you  guys do?

Monday, February 14, 2011

A little bit of everything

So, I know I have been a little lost lately and I am sorry. I haven't forgotten about you all, I could never do that. First, I want to address the fact that my blog, my little old blog has its first 100 followers!! I didn't think I would ever get here.  It took me so long  to start the  blog and now  here I am, with 100 followers, so I thank you.

Second thing I want to address is  that my Internet was down for 2 days. Yes, 2 whole days! I can't even imagine what life was like before the Internet. I mean, I know what its like, because when I went to school I had to use the computer at the library. When I was younger,  having a computer was a luxury, well not anymore.  I felt so helpless for the last couple of days. Not only could I not blog, which was dramatic enough, but I couldn't pay bills and I don't have the free time at work like I used to.  At work, I actually have to, dare I say it, work.   Thank God for my  iPhone,  that's all I have to say. I think blogger should have  an app, just saying.

Third, I have been planning my munchkins birthday party. I sent out most of the invites last week. Now I'm just trying to figure out the food situation. I'm also planning a little party for him at school. Double the party , double the cake, you get the idea.

Oh and lastly, today is Valentines day, so Happy Valentines day everyone, I hope you all have a great day. My hubby and I celebrated yesterday. We went to eat sushi, my favorite. We made it a family event because we took Ralphy with us, it was a great day. I'm a very lucky girl.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday..well kind of

Meet Oso, Ralphy's BFF.  He is a very important part of the family.  Where ever Ralphy goes, he goes.  As you can see, he has no eyes, I had to take does out because he tried eating them and his mouth was permanently sewed shut because he was pulling out all the cotton or whatever it is that's inside stuffed animals.  He has been through a lot, but what can I say, Ralphy loves him so I love him.

As you can see by the pajamas, it was almost bed time and of course you know Ralphy sleeps with his "oso" like he calls him, which by the way, that's bear in Spanish. Oso keeps Ralphy happy, which keeps mommy happy.

Does your child have a favorite toy that they can't live without? a blankie?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Missing my baby

At the end of this month my little man will be turning 3.  Where does the time go?  Is it me or does the time go by faster when you're a parent?   I've come to the conclusion that it does.    I remember the day he was born like if it was yesterday. OMG I sound  like my mother.

I know I sound selfish when I say this, but I will say it anyways, I miss my baby! I know, I know he will always be my baby, no matter what  and this is true, but I miss my baby.  I miss his fat little hands and feet, I miss him falling asleep on my chest, I miss  that baby laugh and giggles. I miss feeding him baby food and  the mess he used to make. I miss this face:

Its so important to enjoy them to the fullest when they are babies because they  don't stay babies long.
Do you think  time does go by faster now that you are a parent? How do you cope with the whole growing up thing? Or I'm I the only one having a hard time with the fact that his a big  boy now?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mommy is not happy

This is what I told Ralphy  once  I heard what happened at school.  Ralphy hit another child in his class and this is not the first time.    A few  months back, I had to have my first  " mommy and teacher talk."   I was so upset back then that I cried.  I think it was a mixture of shock and disappointment, not a good combination.

It took us a  few days of no toys and no movies, but soon enough the hitting other kids stopped and the teacher was happy and I was happy.  Recently, all of Ralphy's friends have moved on  to the "3 year old class" and Ralphy is now the oldest in his class, thank goodness its only until the end of next month when he turns 3 himself  (YIKES!)  Anyways, the teacher has been telling me that he  seems a little bored since the older kids have moved on to the new class and this can be his way of handling the situation.

Both daddy and I had a talk with him  and he seemed sad because I told him that mommy was not happy. He even said " mommy I'll  be good, just be happy". Of course you know that it broke my heart and every time he says things like this I realize how grown up his getting, but that's a whole new topic and post for another time.

I thought I had at least 1 more year before I had  to start dealing with these kinds of issues. I guess not.

I need help, tips and suggestions on how do I get my munchkin to learn that hitting is just not okay once and for all.   HELP!