Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday..well kind of

Meet Oso, Ralphy's BFF.  He is a very important part of the family.  Where ever Ralphy goes, he goes.  As you can see, he has no eyes, I had to take does out because he tried eating them and his mouth was permanently sewed shut because he was pulling out all the cotton or whatever it is that's inside stuffed animals.  He has been through a lot, but what can I say, Ralphy loves him so I love him.

As you can see by the pajamas, it was almost bed time and of course you know Ralphy sleeps with his "oso" like he calls him, which by the way, that's bear in Spanish. Oso keeps Ralphy happy, which keeps mommy happy.

Does your child have a favorite toy that they can't live without? a blankie?


Susi said...

Oh, they are both very handsome!!

La Latina Loquita said...

Hahaha. That's so cute. He's adorable.

Happy Kathy said...

I am your 100 follower!!!xexe


Rachel said...

I love these pictures!! Too adorable!!

Have a great weekend!