Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mommy is not happy

This is what I told Ralphy  once  I heard what happened at school.  Ralphy hit another child in his class and this is not the first time.    A few  months back, I had to have my first  " mommy and teacher talk."   I was so upset back then that I cried.  I think it was a mixture of shock and disappointment, not a good combination.

It took us a  few days of no toys and no movies, but soon enough the hitting other kids stopped and the teacher was happy and I was happy.  Recently, all of Ralphy's friends have moved on  to the "3 year old class" and Ralphy is now the oldest in his class, thank goodness its only until the end of next month when he turns 3 himself  (YIKES!)  Anyways, the teacher has been telling me that he  seems a little bored since the older kids have moved on to the new class and this can be his way of handling the situation.

Both daddy and I had a talk with him  and he seemed sad because I told him that mommy was not happy. He even said " mommy I'll  be good, just be happy". Of course you know that it broke my heart and every time he says things like this I realize how grown up his getting, but that's a whole new topic and post for another time.

I thought I had at least 1 more year before I had  to start dealing with these kinds of issues. I guess not.

I need help, tips and suggestions on how do I get my munchkin to learn that hitting is just not okay once and for all.   HELP!


Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

There may be a number of reasons that he is hitting other kids. It REALLY is typical 2-year-old behavior and as long as everyone keeps modeling appropriate behaviors for him and reward him for those appropriate behaviors, this too, shall pass. He may be hitting b/c someone took his toy or looked like they were about to take his toy or was playing with a toy that he is interested in... toddlers that age are SO protective of their things that it brings out their most aggressive behavior. Also, letting him know how sad it makes the other child and how hurt it makes the other child works wonders. It not only teaches him empathy, but it also teaches him social skills.

But honey.. this too, shall pass.

Alex said...

Thank you for commenting... I hope so.. he had a good day yesterday :)

No. 7 said...

I completely agree with everything that Alicia said. At two years, this is normal behavior and the teachers at his school should also be equipped to guide him toward better ways to communicate and vent frustration. Just keep the lines of communication open with the teaching staff and know that he's learning to navigate through a big world!

Polly Scott said...

I'm sorry. I have no advice. I am at a loss most the time.


Ashley said...

You are doing everything right. Let him know it's not acceptable. Keep talking to him about using his words. Role play how to handle situations with friends. He'll get it. 2 is a tough age, he will totally outgrow it as he matures!