Saturday, March 26, 2011

My first experience as a Chaperon

Ralphy came home the other day with a permission slip for a field trip to the zoo.   My first reaction was "my baby has a field trip already? His only a baby."   He is not a baby.  He is a big boy and I have to accept it.  Anyways,  after  I got over that, my second reaction was " I have to chaperon, I can't miss my baby's, I mean my big boy's first field trip EVER.  Hubby laughed at me.

I wanted to chaperon because I wanted to be there with him, I wanted to see him having fun with his friends, not because I didn't think he was not going to be okay.  I knew he was ready. He is a big boy after all. I spoke to the teacher and told her  that I wanted to participate and she was thrilled to have an "extra pair of hands" like she put it. She told me that I would be with Ralphy and one other child. There were  seven kids in our group.

I started getting a little nervous because hello this was Ralphy's first field trip and I didn't know how he was going to handle all of the walking and well if you have ever chaperoned any of your kid's field trips, you know that kids get separated and you have to watch them carefully, very, very carefully.

Well, I am proud to announce that Ralphy was  great. He held my hand the whole time, listen to the teacher and her  instructions, he didn't complain he was tired, not even once.  He didn't even ask me to carry him, which I was totally shocked by.  I was so proud of him.

I will be chaperoning whenever possible.  Hubby and I made a deal that we would alternate so that we could both enjoy these moments with him.   I will never forget the look on Ralphy's face when he realized that I was going with him. It was priceless.

 Do you remember your first chaperoning experience? Do you Chaperon? Please share your thoughts.


michi said...

How exciting first field trip!! He looks so cute with his sunglasses!

I love his big smile.

Alex said...

we had a great day! soon it will be your turn :)

pr0udmom0f3 said...

Funny. We are on totally opposite sides of the spectrum on field trips.

All three have all had their "first" filed trips. And my oldest who is in fifth grade is supposed to be going on a HUGE one to Va. Beach's Aquarium.

My conundrum is... Do I go as a chaperon, or is it time for me to let her go on a long trip like this with the school on her own?

She is far from a baby. But she's MY baby. It breaks my heart that ALREADY, Middle School is less than 6 months away for her.

**sigh** Being a mom sucks sometimes, doesn't it?

Alex said...

It is really hard.. I don't want to miss anything and I know thats impossible but... I try anyways

Hungrigyrl said...

How cute! My boy is in preschool and I have been on all his field trips with him, except for one. They went to the library and walked as a group (he is 4). I thought it would be ok to let him be independent that one time, but I almost felt bad for not going afterward. I will be definitely be going on all the rest - until he let's me know he doesn't want me to.