Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet my new favorite thing

What were you expecting?  A pair of new shoes? A purse? How silly do you think I am? You don't have to answer that. Any who,  I just recently started using mine and by recently, I mean this week. My husband bought it for me about a year ago ( shut up) and Let me tell you this thing is awesome.  This is a working mom's dream come true. I get home at 7PM, so  this has made my life so much easier. I  just simply put  whatever it is that I'm cooking in the pot and when I get home, its done. I mean, it just doesn't get any easier than that!! I love this thing and I am obsessed with getting new recipes.   Does anyone else use one?  Any yummy recipes you want to share with me, please feel free.  Do  you have something that has  rocked your world like my crock pot?  Something that has made your life so much easier and you can't imagine life without it? Okay, maybe its not that serious, but you get my point.  Well, you can be awesome like me and share.

That is all for now,



La Latina Loquita said...

This is also my best friend and her husband's favorite thing. It's the only way her Husband even considers making rice. I think I might need to get one...if I ever move out. :)

Alex said...

its awesome!! you need to get one for sure!

Ro said...

Welcome to the club! and heres your latepass! lol

But just google slow cooker recipes and you will be in crockpot meal heaven!



New York State of Mom said...

I was visiting with my uncle in Florida and he took us all over the place that day and when we got home the house smelled so good and he had a full meal ready and waiting for us in his crockpot. That was 6 years ago and I'm still hooked lol

Alex said...

I know I'm so late!.. better late than never right??...right lol