Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Joys of Motherhood

If  you have been reading my blog for awhile or not, you already know that I love being a mom, being a mom ROCKS my world to the 10th power. Its the best thing ever. You get my point.  More importantly, I love being Ralphy's mom. He is the cutest  little boy in the world and no I'm not just saying that because I'm he's mom, anybody that has any sense can see it, but we all know its not all pink and roses in  motherhood.

Motherhood can kick your butt, it can drain you  like no other job in the world.  Take me, for example, my munchkin has been sick for a few days now, fever, stuffy nose,  coughing, the works and I have come to the conclusion that  no one will ever deal with so many different bodily fluids EVER. For your sake, I won't  elaborate on that any further.

Another not so great thing about motherhood, less sleep. Its reality, moms sleep less, its part of the job.  Not only do we sleep less, at least at the beginning, but we can also function. Take me for example (again), since my munchkin has been sick , I can count on one hand how many hours I've slept in the last 2 days. If you happen to follow me on Twitter, you probably know that last night I slept 2 hours. Its thanks to the lord above and coffee, that I am able to write this post. Oh and did I mention daddy is sick too? Yeah, because it would just be to easy if it were just Ralphy being sick.

The joys of motherhood, we sleep less,  we kiss boo boos, we have black circle under our eyes, but we are the glue that keeps it all together. What would the world be with out mothers? I don't even want to know.

P.S. This post was written while both daddy and Ralphy  sleep.  No one was neglected  in the writing  of this post.


cvjac2009 said...

i feel your pain...same thing over at my house...except i can beat dad was in the hospital too!!! i hear you. and when men get sick ughhh its the worst they are the biggest babies of all

A Mommy in the City said...

It's always the worst when the kiddos are sick! Hope those two feel better and you can get some rest

Alex said...

Thank you ladies... they are napping again and I even got to take a nap.


The Busy Chick.Com said...

OMG! I can definitely relate. Dads are huge blessings, but your post is the reason Mother's Day is one of the busiest holidays of the year!
Just try to get a table on Mommies Day! Everyone loves mom for all the reasons you listed.

Seriously, I pray everyone returns to health and you get the rest you need. Take your Vittie C, Mommy.


Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

Being sick is absolutely no fun... for baby or mommy. I hope Ralphy feels better soon. And I hope you can get some rest soon. I know how it is, but the hugs and kisses makes it worth it, right?

Alex said...

Thanks ladies.. they both woke up feeling better.. Thank goodness we have the weekend to relax a little more and hopefully everyone will be back to normal on Monday..

and yes Alicia, its so worth :)

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Haha, love the disclaimer! Hope everyone there is feeling better soon and that you get some rest!

Alex said...

Yes, everybody is feeling much better ... finally :)