Saturday, June 25, 2011

My thoughts on a Saturday

I need more sleep, this waking up so early, even on a Saturday sucks!
I need a maid, someone to clean and do all the laundry
I need to win the lottery so I can afford the maid
While I'm sitting here writing this post, I'm thinking  of all the laundry and the cleaning I have to do.
Daddy is still sleeping... must be nice!
I think one cup of coffee is not going to work,I'm ready for my second cup.
I can't wait to get together with my friends later for a BBQ... I need some friend time.
I have a headache, maybe its from waking up so early? ... hmmm
It looks like its going to to rain, what is it about the rain that makes you sleepy? hmmm I wounder.

Okay, that is all. I have cleaning a laundry to do.


Barb said...

Hey Alex, you aren't alone. I'm with you 110% on the cleaning & laundry help needed. Only difference between you and I yesterday is that you were lucky enough to go to a BBQ! Hope you had fun. Visiting via FTLOB btw :-)

Stacie said...

Enjoyed your blog... over from FTLOB... hope your wkd improved:-)

thatgirlblogs said...

over from ftlob, and Daddy's still sleeping over here, too... maybe the coffee grinder will wake him, about to find out!

Alex said...

Sorry about the grouchy post ladies.. the cup of coffee hadn't kicked in yet.

Weekend was great!

Yakini @ThePrissyMommy said...

Don't you love how we're up with the crack of dawn while DH sleeps on just a little longer? Must be nice. :-)

I'm with you on needing that maid. Whew!!! :-)

New follower!

Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

That was me this past Saturday when my son woke up at 6:30am. SIgh. Finally, I got up and did the laundry, went grocery shopping, ran a few errands, and took him the playground -- all before 12:30pm. Oh dear. When he went down for a nap at 2pm, I was ready to call it a day. LOL. I need a maid AND a nanny.

Alex said...

Thanks guys!.. the weekend got better after that.. this is how I sound like when I'm bitchy due to being tired lol

Carri said...

Oh mean... I could use a nanny, maid, cook, driver... etc etc. We moms have the toughest job. I hope you had a good weekend!