Monday, August 1, 2011

New month.. New Attitude!

  I can't believe its  already  August. Time does fly when you're having fun. I for one, I'm so happy its August for several reasons, but my main reason is that Summer is almost over. Yes,  people I'm part of the few that do not like  the heat. I can't stand what it does to my hair. I'm a complete frizz ball if I don't walk around with a flat iron. Just kidding, I don't walk around with a flat iron, but you know what I mean. Everyone woman in the  universe knows that the best hair days come after Summer. Its a fact of life. Okay, enough of that, lets move on.

This month, I'm  also trying to be a little bit healthier with my eating ( what else is new), but not only that, I'm going back to the  gym! You can all close your mouths now. Its way over due. I don't like the way I've been  feeling lately and I know  its because I haven't being  feeling great about my looks and  when I say looks, I mean my weight. So, its time to get off my lazy ass and do something about it. Plain and simple. That's coming up  soon, so as soon as I start, I will update for sure.  Should I do a before picture post?? hmmmm let me think about that some more.

 I also wanted to introduce to you my dear friend Angel, she started blogging  at  mommy all day, she is a stay at home mom ( well sort of she  just went back to work) and  she has two amazing kids. You will  have to read her blog to find out more. So, please stop by and tell her Alex sent you  :)

I hope you all have an amazing week and amazing month of August.


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