Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Madness

So, its  almost Christmas, its crazy I know , which also means the year is almost over. O.M.G. , lets not go there.   Anyways,  I always wonder why people go, shall we say "mad" during this time of year, I mean seriously, is it that serious if you don't get your uncle's wife's brother's girlfriend something?

 I always tell my self that I'm not going to go crazy like everyone else, that I'm not going to get mad when the third person in a row takes my parking space,  that I'm not going to get mad when I see the long line at the register, but this Christmas" madness" its  like a magnet  that pulls you in no matter how hard you  try to fight it. You are probably asking yourself   "Did I succeed this year?"  negative.

I went to Target yesterday with my mom and I told myself that I wasn't going to go crazy buying stuff, after all this is not what Christmas is suppose to be about ( more on that  a bit later).   Anyways, so we are at  Target getting a few things and when I say a few things, I really do mean a few things, we are in a recession people. First, let me tell you that I have never ever seen Target so packed , it was crazy.   It took us  just 30 minutes just to find parking, crazy I know.   Fast forward  3 hours  and I had a migraine the size of Texas.

Please don't misunderstand me, I love this time of year too.   I love the getting together with family and friends, I love the food, the weather and  yes even the shopping ( side note-I will go to the store that sells  everything for everyone , yes you guessed it, like Target I refuse to go to the mall).   I think its important to remember what we are celebrating.  We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and if you celebrate other holidays like Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, I'm sure those holidays are  more about being with family  than buying gifts right?

Let's try to remember the reason for the season.  My reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to give Thanks to God for all of my blessings.

So, on that note, Merry Christmas.

God bless always,



Kimberly said...

Yup, it is insane out there. I am trying to not let the crowds and the fact that I have no skin left on the backs of my heels from people ramming me with their carts...sigh Tis the season ;)

Mommy Glow said...

Your better than me, cuz I get pissed. I went to the post office yesterday and the long was almost out the window, I was pacing until it was my turn in line. I have ZERO patience.
OH then there was this older chick at the crafts store on Sat who was mad i walked faster than her to get in line, who started mouthing off, I put her on blast and put her in her place quick. Yah I caused a scene, but shoot, she was irritating the heck outta me, I had to stand my ground. Haaaaaaaaa, the holidays bring out the best AND worst of people!!

Ramona said...

Excellent post girl! you got it. Jesus is the reason for the season! this is a time for families and friends reflection about what is the important things in life. It is not the presents, it is about family getting together to try to understand, forgive and to help each-others and to have God in our hearts to help us to accomplish this.

Alex said...

Thank you for commenting ladies!

Donna said...

You nailed it! Christmas has turned into something so different than when I was a kid, I remember strolling down Broad Street looking in the huge department store windows all decorated with the most elaborate displays (at least in my five and six year old mind anyway) now the only thing you find in store windows are sale posters and department stores like the good ol' days are long gone.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could rewind Christmas to those days?

Ashley said...

I know, the gifting is out of control, it's not even fun!

Alex said...

I agree with you guys.. I miss the Good ol'days

Miss Pancakes said...

im a new follower!