Monday, May 30, 2011

Along came Ralphy

The before picture- Christmas 2004

Yesterday, Ralphy, daddy and I were looking through old pictures. Pictures from before he was born and Ralphy kept asking " but mommy where I'm I?" and that made me think of my life.

Before Ralphy:
  • I woke up late
  • I was skinny
  • We had freedom to do what we wanted
  • We had more date nights
  • We had more money
Then EVERYTHING changed: 

Me at my baby shower 8.5 months pregnant

  • I don't sleep all
  • I'm not  as skinny as I used to be (that's the nice way of saying I'm fat)
  • I have stretch marks
  • Date nights consist of Chinese food and a Netflix movie ( if we're lucky)
  • We have less money ( that's an understatement)
  • We have more bills
  • More things to worry about.

I still cry when I see this picture.

 After Ralphy:

  • Someone calling me mommy
  • More hugs and kisses.
  • Finally knowing what true LOVE really is.
 If he only knew that my life had no meaning before him. I love you Ralphy, to infinity and beyond.


Okay- I will file this under major mommy moment.


Sandra said...

Alex, I love this! It's so true! Just so you know, once he gets a bit older, you will get to sleep in, I promise!

Alex said...

Thanks Sandra.. from your mouth to God's ears :)

Dede said...

It is so worthwhile though isn't it!!

Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

Life may be more expensive, but I'm sure it's also more precious and fulfilling. He's such a cutie! xoxo

Alex said...

Thanks guys! I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. ;)

Alida said...

Life is wonderful with a child in it... and it gets even better as they get older!

Alex said...

That is so true Alida.. I see that now that he is getting older.. I love our little "conversations" :)

Yakini @ThePrissyMommy said...

Omg, this is sooo sweet!!! I feel the exact same way, with each phase of life. Motherhood is wonderful!!!!

P.S. You were such a cute preggers lady, and Ralphy is so adorable!

Alex said...

Thank you Yakini.. motherhood does rock!!

And thank you, I loved being pregnant and I think it shows :)

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Oh please! You are not fat! You are gorgeous! Funny how our babies have a knack for rocking our worlds huh?

Alex said...

Awww thanks.. and yes he totally Rocks my world ;0)