Friday, May 6, 2011

Little reasons..

Mother's day breakfast 2010

This post was inspired by a moment I had with my munchkin yesterday while watching Calliou.  So there we were, watching TV when Ralphy starts laughing at something Calliou did.  It was this hardy-can't control myself- I'm going to pee in my pants- kind of laugh. It was so cute and all I could do was look at him and smile and think to myself  "that is the best sound in the world."

I love being a mom for so many little reasons:

  • I love the way he says " I love you mommy" for no reason at all.
  • The way he asks me to kiss his boo-boo and he really doesn't have one.
  • When he gives me hugs and kisses out of the blue.
  • When he asks me to sit next to him when I already am and what really wants is for me to get a little closer.
  • The way he likes to hold my hand when we are walking.
  • The way he  only wants me when he is sick or doesn't feel good, because  mommy is the only one that can make it all better. 
  • The way he wants me to be the last one he sees when he goes to sleep at night.   
I really could go on for ever. I am truly blessed. God has blessed me with the most wonderful little gift. So, on this mother's day, let us remember to enjoy every moment, to be thankful and to remember how blessed we truly are. It's the hardest job we will ever have to do, but oh so very worth it.

Happy Mother's day.


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