Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boys will be boys

Since my son has been in  potty training mode, I always try to plan  ahead and  go to places were restrooms are accessible. Well, as you moms and dads  already know, things don't always go according to plan.  We were in the park and  Ralphy  tells me that he has to pee, I look at daddy, daddy looks back at me and says"the restroom is locked." Great!

Ralphy says " mommy, I have to pee!"  So, I thought  well, he is a boy after all and  I preceded to  take him to a hidden area behind a  tree and  said " there is no toilet here, so your going to go pee pee  here"  He of course looked at me like if I had lost my mind , but decided , if mommy says its okay then... So he did  it,  right there by the tree.   Daddy thought it was kind of funny and had a big grin on his face  as he says to me " boys will be boys".   In my defense , what was I suppose to do, let him pee in his pants? 

So, the next day , we went over to a friends house, Ralphy has been there before many times. The kids usually play outside and were having a great time when all of the sudden I hear daddy saying " mommy come and look at  Ralphy." Oh no, what now.   As I walk outside, all I hear are giggles and I look over at Ralphy as he is  standing there with his pants down and after he saw the look on my face he  says" mommy I had to pee." Did I mention that the kids were playing in front of the house? Yes, he was half naked in front  of my friends house.

Needless  to say, I ran over to him , put his pants back on and I tried to explain to him that there was a toilet inside the house  he could use and that there was no need to go pee pee outside.   I don't know if he got the message though, maybe I should have tried having this conversation at the park. Yes, I think so.


Jessica said...

Oh this could SO happen at my house, it is the worst when you hear someone saying to look at your child! Stopping by from FTLOB and in the middle of potty training a boy too, may the force be with us both.

Ember said...

I have 2 boys and many of these stories! You are not alone! =)

Ro said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAHHAHA Ralphys Mom thats funny! lol

Sidenote.. link problem has been fixed. thats how I got here today.



GabbyRM said...

Hahaha. That's awesome. Reminds me of the movie, Big Daddy when the boy pees on the indoor plant in his classroom.

Alex said...

Thank you ladies for stopping by ladies :)