Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Secret Single behavior

 Part of  the  Blog dare on Bloggy Moms is to write a post everyday and today's prompt is to write about a secret single behavior.  Well, for me it wasn't a single behavior and it wasn't really a  secret.  Let me just  say that I was not  a very  health conscious person when I was single and everyone told me so.  It was so annoying!, but it needed to be said.

First, I barely ate. When I say barely, I really do mean barely. I used to  get by on coffee and Red Bull.  I know, it was horrible.   I look back at that time in my life and I  just don't know what I was thinking and to make matters worse, when I did eat it was not healthy either, it was either Taco Bell or Wendy's. Not good.

The second not so healthy behavior, no sleep.  I was a complete night owl.    I would go to sleep  super late and wake up early to go to work.   Hence the  reason why I drank Red bulls and coffee like a mad woman.  I'm getting sleepy just thinking about it.

Lastly, I went out almost every night. I would say that I was usually out 4 to 5 nights out of the week. Crazy , I know! The more I write, the more I just don't know how I did  that.  I remember  going to see the Doctor because I had the flu and he told me that I had to seriously slow it down, that I had to gain some weight ( I think that's the first time anybody told me that besides my mom).   It was serious for me, since this  was so out of  character.

Fast forward  10 years later, I would love the chance  to sleep in until 9 AM,  no one is telling me I need to gain weight   and I dread getting dressed to go out, unless its to go to  Target.  Oh my, how things have changed. Thank God.


Sheri said...

Sounds like me in my teens and early 20s! Now I'm such a homebody it's ridiculous.

Vic said...

oh the red bull and coffee...i'm thinking those sound great compared to the meals i've been scarfing down! sister lived off those but they make me constipated (TMI) but really they do instead of making me go...and god knows i can't be constipated anymore than i already am:) love ya girl

Clayton Thomas said...

Newest follower- Oh my, how things change when kids are involved. All the best!


A Daddy Blog said...

Nope... sorry, Clay, but I'm Alex's newest follower, but someone else will be right behind me I'm sure. ;) It's interesting how we change as we grow. My daughter is 2 as well, so that's probably the biggest reason for change. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Have a great evening!


Alex said...

Thank you Michael for stopping by and for the comment!

Vic- you're awesome lol

Sheri and I'm sure like me, you don't miss it one bit

Diane Robinson Majeske said...

Ahhh, the Red Bull. I still sneak one occasionally. (I thought it was my little secret until one time my son found a can and said, "Mom, does it really give you wings?") But you're right - you just have to take care of yourself or you can't keep up with kids!!

Alex said...

I'm with you on that Diane, thank you for your comment.

Ro said...

Oh No- you said Redbull and the craving hit! lol Yes life has changed...but you need that part to appreciate this part. If you hadnt done it you would end up being 40 and saying... what happened to the "fun" part of my youth!



Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

Isn't it funny how things change over time... and when we have children. Thank goodness you're eating healthy now and taking better care of yourself in general... your family needs you! xoxo