Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New year!

 Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season.  I can't believe its already over and that we are starting a brand new year.   I know that 2010 was a hard year for many of us,  myself included,  but now its time to leave the past in the past and start fresh. One of the things on my to do list for 2011 is to work on my writing, So  I signed  up for the Blog dare  on Bloggy Moms.  Whats the blog dare? Well, its when you challenge yourself to write post, every single day and like everyone knows "practice makes perfect."   Of course you already noticed that  I'm a day behind, not good start I know, but I will not let that stop me.

So, on that note, I want to share the most important things I want to get done in  2011, in no particular order :
  • Work on my writing
  • Start working out ( Surprise ,surprise)
  • Take a writing class
  • Take my General Agent license and class ( this has been on my list for awhile, time to get it done).

It's not a long list, I know, but these are  things that have been on my  " To do list"  for  awhile and I  think its time to get them done. So, wish me luck.  What's on your 2011 " to do list"?


VedetteTX said...

Well, first let me say congrats on making a list. It's the first step! :) Good luck with your goals, I look forward to reading about your progress. Following you now and thanks for the comment on my blog!

Alex said...

Thanks for commenting!

Ashley said...

Happy New Year Alex, that is a great list. Good luck to you this year! xo

Capability Mom said...

I am from Sunday blog hop but I signed up for the blog dare, too! Good for you with you achievable resolutions. I am still thinking about mine - don't want to rush into anything :-)

Alex said...

Thanks Girls.. I'm going to need it :)