Thursday, November 11, 2010

25 things you don't know about me:

25. I do everything with my left hand..except I write with my right.
24. I was born in NYC( a few people just recently found this out)
23. I have  2 other siblings ( from my dad side) a brother and a sister.
22. I have a terrifying fear of roaches..I mean its really serious..I'm scared of them even when they are dead.
21. I love sushi, and  I don't know how to use the chop sticks ( I'm learning though)
20.I'm 33 yrs old and I still can't watch a Freddy Kruger movie.. which brings me to number  19
19. I hate scary movies... and if I do watch one I can't sleep for days.
18. I love my job ( stop laughing) I really do
17. When I was growing up.. I wanted to be a teacher ( yes me a teacher can you imagine) needless to say I got over that..quick! See number 16.
16. I hate math... I don't like numbers at all
15. I can't draw..anything ..NADA save my life
14. You know that show  Everybody loves Raymond? .. I love that show.. that's my life ..except its funny on TV.
13. When I retire, I want to go back to the Dominican Republic and sleep in a hammock.
12 .I drink a lot of water.. a lot.
11. I love coffee!!!!.. I can't function without it.
10.I suck at every video game known to man kind..
9. I love to read- since  I used to work next to the library, I used to go there for lunch... and just read..Yes, for real.
8.  I love to write.
7. If I ever win the lottery the first thing I would do is put money aside for my son's education.
6. I can't drive stick... automatic chick all the way!
5.I can't swim. Its never to late to learn right??.. right??
4.I learned to drive when I went to driver's ed in school.
3. I put ketchup on  EVERYTHING.. it makes it better.
2. I know the Movie Titanic almost word for word.
1. I Google everything!!

 So there you have it folks!!..Have a great day..  Back to work!!



Jewels said...

oye shouldnt you be working lol

Alex said...

Iam.. I do most of the post at home and I schedule them for different times during the day.. thank you for your concern ;p

michi said...

omg you are so Dominican!!! Dominican people (myself included) put ketchup on everything!!!

You should totally make a life list (check mine out and turn all those thing you don't know how to do in to learning experiences! Driving stick is on my list !!

Alex said...

Michi- You have read my mind!!!! Thats what I was thinking of doing... great minds think a like ... and I've read you're list :)

Ro said...

I google everything tooo!