Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My thoughts for Thanksgiving

I love thanksgiving.  Its one of my favorite holidays.  Its the day you get together with your family and friends and eat yummy and delicious food and give thanks to God for everything and everyone in your life. This has been a difficult year for me and for a lot of people I know.  Many have lost their jobs; some have lost someone close to them and some ( and by some I mean most of us) are going through tough financial times.

I'm one of those people that believes that everything happens for  a reason.  I also believe that there is always a lesson to be learned and I've learned a lot this year, believe me.  I've learned a lot about family, relationships, friendships and life in general.

First, I want to thank  God for my family.  We  have family "issues".  My family is not perfect, we get on each others nerves, we get mad at each other, we fight, we yell, but at the end of the day, we are there to help each other and to support each other. This Thanksgiving I am extra thankful for them, because of my family, I am the person that I am today.

I've learned that in relationships, whether its a  relationship with your  husband or wife or a relationship with your partner the important thing is how you handle the tough times and how you get through it.  Everyone can love someone when things are great, but its when you make it through the difficult  times together that makes your relationship stronger.  So, for my other half I am thankful.

Last but not least, I've learned  a lot about friendships.  I know a lot of my friendships have changed this year.  For whatever reason, we don't have the chance to talk as often or see each other often, but that just makes me appreciate the time I do get with them when I see them.  So, for my friends, I am thankful.

Everyone has something to be grateful for.  Lets be grateful and not take anything or anyone we have in our lives for granted.

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless,