Monday, November 15, 2010

Ten reasons to visit the Dominican Republic

Here are Ten (10) reasons why I think everyone should visit the Dominican Republic:

1. The Beaches- I think the Dominican Republic has the best beaches in the world and no I'm not being biased just look at this:

2. The People- To put it in simple terms you will feel right at home:

3. The music- 

4. The food :

4. Culture/History-
 5. Beautiful Women:

 6. Amazing all inclusive resorts :

7 .Great Beer:
so great in fact that even she likes it

8. Home to world's best Baseball players: Alex Rodriguez

 9.  Everyone should see this :

10. The best scenery:

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Ramona said...

This is so interesting.......excellent topic!

Alex said...


Margaret Almon said...

I am learning Spanish so I will add the Dominican Republic to potential places to visit!