Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A letter to Ralphy...Warning: you will need a tissue.

Dear Ralphy,

By the time you read this you will be an adult with responsibilities and goals of your own. You might be wondering"why is mami writting me a letter?. The reason I'm writting you is because I want you to know how much I wanted you and loved you before you ever even exsisted. I'm also sure that by the time you read this there would have been times that we disagreed about decisions you are making or getting ready to make. I'll start by telling you that you are now 2 1/2 yrs old. You are very smart and happy little boy. You love to watch movies ( sometimes over and over again) and your daddy and I love to watch them with you ( on most days). One of your many favorites : Finding Nemo, Cars, Astro boy and Shark Tale. You are also a very lucky little boy. Not only do you have parents that love you very much ( more than you will ever know) but you also have your Aunts and Uncles that love you and are very involved in your daily life. Plus, you have your cousins that you love to play with and you always talk about. Even the ones you don't get to see as much..You have a big sister that even though you don't get to see her much, you love talking to her on the phone and you tell her you love her every chance you get and I am praying that the two of you beat the odds and become closer as you get older. The only reason I say that is because she lives in another state ( at this time in Virginia) and she is a tiny bit older than you ( 11 yrs).. thats nothing right?... and then there's your grandparents. You have wonderful relantionship with them and they love you very much. At this present time, there is still one grandpa you haven't met yet and I'm not sure why. All I ask you is that when you do meet him you give him a chance. I also pray that you get to meet him soon. I'm going to be honest, there were times that I still get upset becuase I still don't understant why he hasn't made the effort to meet you. Who wouldn't want to meet you?.. You're awesome!. But noone is perfect right?. Lucky for you, you have granpa very close by and you have a very close connection with him, its very special. Since the first day when he came to see you in the hospital ( you looked just like him) you can tell you were connected in a deeper way and I know as you get older its only going to get better. You are also very close to both of your grandmas.the both spoil you beyond words ( like you didn't already know that).. I told you .. you are very lucky. My point is that even though there might be times were things or people are not are their happiest or whatever the situation may be... you have a family that loves you.. no matter what. I can honestly tell you the day I found out I was pregnant, I cried, they were tears of joy of course, but I cried because I loved you so much at that very minute. It was a bit overwhelming to feel that kind of love and to know that type of love was even possible. Other people always tried to explain it to me, but no words could ever describe it. You will know when you have your own kids one day. Just know that you were made out of love.. your daddy and I love each other very much.. so much so that we had you and for the record you were no surprise. You were very much planned :). I wanted to also tell you that I am and always will very proud of you no matter what. I want you to know that I will always be here for you and your daddy of course. You will always be able to count on us. and even if it gets to a point in your life were you feel that I don't understand or that I don't get it..TRUST me I do get it and I want you to always be able to come to me. That's all for now.I'll be back!

I love you for ever , to infinity and beyond,



Ro said...

TEAR! awwwww... thanks for sharing!

Alex said...

;).. it was inspired by a letter I wrote to him while I was pregnant (with a few changes of course).. Thanks for reading!